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Sweet Ginger Tisane

sweet ginger tisane

Untuk kesekian kalinya, saya akan share tentang salah satu variant dari Ronnefeldt Tea. Bisa dibilang ini variant baru yang cukup unik dan saya suka!! Yaa bukan karena pacar yg ngasihnya gratisan juga sih yaaa, tapi memang karena ke unikan rasa yang muncul membuat variant ini masuk di list minuman favorite saya.

PERTAMA, Yang saya suka dari brand ini adalah, mereka selalu menaruh waktu seduh. Jadinya, pecinta teh yg awam seperti saya bisa menikmati dengan benar. Untuk infusion tea seperti ini, waktu seduh di atas 5 mnt dgn suhu 90 derajat. Eh, karena tidak elemen daun tehnya, maka selanjutnya kita sebut ini sebagai tisane ya 😉

KEDUA, cara mereka mengemas juga bagus. yaaah namanya juga fancy tea ?

Oke, kita masuk ke dalam rasa tisane itu sendiri. Setelah diseduh selama 8 menit (agar makin terasa), suhu air masih terasa skitar 80an derajat. After first zip, rasa jahe yang kuat tetapi tidak menyengat lah yang terasa. Rasanya mirip seperti jahe merah yang saat ini populer sebagai bahan wedang karena memiliki kandungan minyak atsiri tinggi. Wangi segar dari campuran jahe dan apel menggoda indera penciuman saya ketiga meneguk tisane ini. Rasa menggigit seperti peppermint juga terasa di langit mulut. Unik after taste-nya.. Dan tisane ini menenangkan perut saya seketika.

Mulai sekarang, saya akan memasukan minuman ini sebagai minuman wajib saya jika sedang Haid! Menenangkan sekali looh.. Tinggal bujuk pacar utk membelikan saya sekotak ^_^


Luwak Macchiato


I’m not a coffee drinkers.. love badly into tea.And since i know that coffee wont wake you up also, then i thought “why should i drink coffee then?”. Drinks coffee for a lifestyle was not my style!! Not again mainstream, but i drink because i was thirsty , as simple as that.

Well, this morning i just found out how to make “non-machine” Latte Macchiato. Well, it’s because we don’t have coffee machine in office pantry. And here’s the step:

100ml Hot Milk (i use microwave to heat up the milk)
2 tsp of Luwak Coffee, mix it with 50ml of Boiled water. Stir it well
After 2 minutes, pour the coffee into milk then stir it.


ps : If you want to add sugar, mix it with the milk not with the coffee 😉

When you remember the story with your Ex’s


Well, the title reflect my personal taste about Oolong Tea first brew. I like Oolong, but i much prefer second brew. After 3 minutes of brewing, i used to give it to my mom or somebody else, then pour another 95 °C water then wait for another 2-3 minutes before serve myself.

But since i bring the tea to work and nobody seems like oolong, so i was force to drink the first brew. The oolong that i kept in the office was good quality but not the best. It was China, not Taiwan or Banten (which i love sooo much). So the color still a bit dark and the bitterness with their typical smell feel intense.

I know i was overrated if i say the taste was like the love story with our ex’s. But, there’s a comfort and not comfort feeling about this tea. The taste was lovely yet it was bitter. So after drink this tea, we must move on and bring these ass back to work.

Coffee for dummies (read: ME)

photo 1

Forever:  Time it takes to brew the first pot of coffee in the morning.  ~Author Unknown

As a tea addict or tea fans, i rarely drink coffee. And it was rare also for making it. Since my future husband to be working as QC and trainer in one of coffee distributor, i learn how to make it. At least i make it in the right way.

According to him, the way i make coffee was wrong! Well, how do know the right temperature for local coffee and instant coffee was different.. *rolling eyes

So, after a quick briefing from him, i make my own “KOPI SUSU”. It was coffee with milk, but i use local arabica coffee and condensed milk.

How does it taste? For me, it was GOOD!!! i finally can make good coffee *big Grin

And here a simple “how to make” in my version :

photo 2

180 ml Boil water (boil is a MUST, well I just found out ;p)

2 Tbs grind coffee (Arabica pleaseee)

40 ml condensed milk (sweet ones)

Put the coffee in the pot with filter, and then pour the boiling water. Stir it well and left aside for 3 minutes

Prepare the milk in your cup, then pour the coffee (filter don’t want the grounds in there right?)

Mix it well

Drink it while hot.

Well, this is my simple how to make coffee. I’m sure you guys know how to make it better than i do.

No matter what you have for this morning, I’ll just wish you a pleasant day

When double P drop in your tea…


Since this brand relative new to me and i got many variant, i become obsess to make tea review. One by one.

My personal review for this variant is this tea so PEACHY !!! Although was written is white tea with pear and peach, but the peach flavor quite dominant. It’s still different with what you get in restaurant when you order peach tea (of course!!). The white tea taste light. And with fruit in there, it really fresh!! My personal suggestion, enjoy this on daytime or after meal without sugar or honey. Well, if you insist, just add sugar (no honey).

Actually this variant already sweet because of the fruit, and I don’t want to ruin the original taste or what should I get. Simply add hot water, brew for 3 minutes (not more) then zip it. Your mouth will taste the perfect fruit tea afterwards.

-AM, 16022013-

Another Fresh Tea..Another Ronnefeldt Tea

lemon fresh


The sun shine so bright and i feel so fresh

This variant was not my type actually. For me, Fruit Infusion should be take with ice, and I’m not ice person. Even for ice cream, I’m not really into it. But since my adventurers side take lead this morning, then i think i should give a try n be brave *bigGrin

When i unwrap the leaf cup, the smell of lemon sting on me. Then i look carefully, and now I’m more curious then before. One thing i like about this brand is, they treat you as dummies in elegant way. They always put how long you should brewing it to get perfect tea!!

photo 3

After 8 minutes, yes i follow what’s written in there, the tea was ready to zip on. Before i drink this tea , i smell something, then i realize i smell the orange kickshaw (yes, the Chinese orange kickshaw !! weird?). I don’t say it smell weird, just my personal opinion that this variant was unique. Still in Chinese New Year spirit, so i zip the tea. Then i taste few fruit in there, still with kickshaw taste dominate.

Well, the curiosity doesn’t stop in there. I google the ingredient and peel the leaf cup to see what really inside. And now i know what inside, it is apple pieces, sweet blackberry leaves, roasted chicory root, natural flavoring, rosehip peel, lemon grass, lemon peel*. Well no wonder it taste unique.

photo 2

My recommendation for someone who want to try Lemon Fresh is be brave, drink it with ice and pair it with honey.


Cucina Amatoriale, 11 February 2012






Morgentau… My new favorite morning tea


Since my beiboo know I’m such fans of tea, he bring me Tea Hamper. Aaaaah, simply meaningful and amazing present. He bought me many variant of Ronnefeldt Tea, and i can’t wait to try it.


And the next day, i try one of it and it was Morgantau tea. Or morning dew tea, a mix of green tea with flower petal and few fruit. First time i open the wrap, the smell was good. This time i wont be fooled again like i used to with other big and expensive tea. I carefully pour the water and put the timer on.

And i simply couldn’t believe it, it was taste as good as it smell !! The fresh good quality of green tea blend so well with rose petal, sunflower, cornflowers and mango (this one im not 100% sure, but i guess it was mango).

I cant say no more, this variant surely gonna be my favorite morning tea!! I mean, simply put 75 degree hot water and leave it a while, what can be wrong ? Simply relaxing and bring the mood into good for whole day. Sometimes, you just need a fancy thing to start your day right 😉