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Coffee for dummies (read: ME)

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Forever:  Time it takes to brew the first pot of coffee in the morning.  ~Author Unknown

As a tea addict or tea fans, i rarely drink coffee. And it was rare also for making it. Since my future husband to be working as QC and trainer in one of coffee distributor, i learn how to make it. At least i make it in the right way.

According to him, the way i make coffee was wrong! Well, how do know the right temperature for local coffee and instant coffee was different.. *rolling eyes

So, after a quick briefing from him, i make my own “KOPI SUSU”. It was coffee with milk, but i use local arabica coffee and condensed milk.

How does it taste? For me, it was GOOD!!! i finally can make good coffee *big Grin

And here a simple “how to make” in my version :

photo 2

180 ml Boil water (boil is a MUST, well I just found out ;p)

2 Tbs grind coffee (Arabica pleaseee)

40 ml condensed milk (sweet ones)

Put the coffee in the pot with filter, and then pour the boiling water. Stir it well and left aside for 3 minutes

Prepare the milk in your cup, then pour the coffee (filter don’t want the grounds in there right?)

Mix it well

Drink it while hot.

Well, this is my simple how to make coffee. I’m sure you guys know how to make it better than i do.

No matter what you have for this morning, I’ll just wish you a pleasant day