Luwak Macchiato


I’m not a coffee drinkers.. love badly into tea.And since i know that coffee wont wake you up also, then i thought “why should i drink coffee then?”. Drinks coffee for a lifestyle was not my style!! Not again mainstream, but i drink because i was thirsty , as simple as that.

Well, this morning i just found out how to make “non-machine” Latte Macchiato. Well, it’s because we don’t have coffee machine in office pantry. And here’s the step:

100ml Hot Milk (i use microwave to heat up the milk)
2 tsp of Luwak Coffee, mix it with 50ml of Boiled water. Stir it well
After 2 minutes, pour the coffee into milk then stir it.


ps : If you want to add sugar, mix it with the milk not with the coffee 😉


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