Rendang.. it’s INDONESIA !!


Rendang is a spicy meat dish which originated from the West Sumatera, Indonesia.

Culinary experts often describe Rendang as “West Sumatra caramelized beef curry”. Well..authentic Rendang is nothing like a curry. I think the curry label comes from the spices and coconut milk in there. The mixture of ground spices paste, which include ginger, galangal, turmeric leaves, lemon grass, garlic, shallot, chillies made this food become rich of taste. Slowly simmered in a mix of ground spices with coconut milk, then left to stew for a few hours create this dish into tender and flavorful beef stew. Did you know that if you cook this meat properly, it can last 4 weeks in refrigerator? This food was so good.

This food is chosen to be one of the World’s 50 Delicious Foods and hit as number 1 !! Although in Singapore or Malaysia they have their own “rendang”, but still we own the number one!!

Let’s learn a bit why Indonesia Rendang is different, a culinary expert and well known Indonesian Chef William Wongso mention that the process we had in Indonesia took longer and we only use fresh herbs and coconut milk that comes from the old fruit. Don’t forget to keep stirring while you cook Rendang to get perfect caramelized in it. Most of the restaurant doesn’t have patient to wait until the beef caramelized perfectly, so the Rendang still in yellow color. Well, i guess some people doesn’t have any patient to wait until 4-6 hours right?

In Minangkabau, as the origin ethnic who made this delicious food, Rendang often serve in ceremonial or special event. In these days,  we can found Rendang easily in many Padang restaurant (in Indonesia, i mean) and comes with many variety not just the meat. Personally, i like cattle lung Rendang better, because it easier to chew (okaaaaay, i sound lazy, i knoooow ). But no matter which part of the beef they used, i love rendang. Serve with steamed rice or ketupat (compressed rice cake), and add green chili sambal, then it was heaven on earth for me.

Since Rendang was “a lasting food” to me, i remember to bring it whenever i move aboard. This food also easily transform into other dish. If you still have the spices without the meat, just simply transform it into fried rice. Rendang Fried Rice was also my favorite “Leftover Creation” menu.

Well, i guess you can easily google Rendang to find out more, since my stomach screaming to being fulfill, hahaha. Gotta go and enjoy the breakfast, see you around soon.



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